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15 Quick Tips to Fix iPhone Call Volume Low in iOS 17

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“The volume coming from my ear speaker on my iPhone 14 is really low making it difficult to hear. I have tried all these steps bellow and still have an issues have even did a factory reset with no resolve.”

Are you facing difficulties hearing the person on the other side of your iPhone phone calls? Don't worry, you are not alone. Many iPhone users have expressed their frustration regarding this low call volume issue.

In this article, we will provide effective solutions to fix the problem of low call volume on your iPhone. Following these steps, you can resolve the issue and happily pick up your next call without hassle.

iphone call volume low

Why Is My iPhone Volume So Low on Calls?

Before solving this iPhone call volume low issue, let's first take a look at the reasons causing it:

  • You could have mistakenly reduced the volume while on a different call.
  • The volume playback on your iPhone may have accumulated dust over time, causing the low call volume issue.
  • The low call volume problem could also result from compatibility issues between the device model and the iOS version.
  • There may be a software or hardware problem on your iPhone.
  • Any simple thing, such as the iOS update, could also cause this problem.

We have listed some simple solutions to properly troubleshoot this problem based on these reasons. Read on and check out.

14 Simple Tips to Fix Low Call Volume On iPhone

In this section, we will share 14 basic solutions to fix this low call volume issue on iPhone, but note that they may not work with a 100% success rate. You can try each solution one by one until you solve the problem.

Tip 1. Turn Up the Call Volume

The output volume on your iPhone during calls may have been accidentally decreased. Nevertheless, solving this problem on your device is very straightforward. You can use the physical Volume Up key to adjust the call volume on your iPhone.

To increase the volume on a call, locate the Volume Up button on the left side of your iPhone and press it a few times. The volume adjusting menu will appear on your screen, showing the current volume levels. Stop pressing the key once the volume is adequate for you.

Tip 2. Take Off Phone Case/Screen Protectors

You should check whether the phone case or screen protectors have blocked the iPhone speaker. Sometimes, the phone case or screen protectors may cover the speaker and lower the volume. You can remove them and then check the iPhone call volume if necessary.

Tip 3. Turn Off the Silence Switch and Turn It On

If you're facing low call volume on your iPhone, one possible culprit could be the Silent Mode setting. It's worth checking if the Silence Switch is turned on and turned it off to see if it makes any difference on iPhone call volume.

If the Silence Switch turns orange, the iPhone notifications are turned off. At the same time, the silver means that the iPhone sounds will come through. When the call volume becomes normal, remeber to turn off the Silence Switch.

silent switch

Tip 4. Increase the iPhone Volume

If you're suddenly experiencing low call volume on your iPhone, the iPhone volume may have been turned down. While some people prefer lower tones, it can hinder effective communication. Increasing the volume on your iPhone could help fix the issue.

To adjust your iPhone's volume, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the Settings and select Sounds & Haptics;
  • Then click on Ringer and Alerts;
  • Finally, slide the toggle to the right to increase the soundbar and volume of your phone.

ringer and alerts

With these easy steps, you can control your iPhone's volume and ensure that you can hear your callers clearly.

Tip 5. Check Your iPhone’s Call Audio Routing Option

iPhone lets you choose which device to route your call audio through. It's important to ensure you've selected the appropriate device in this menu to hear the call audio.

If you suspect there's an issue with the audio routing option, you can change your audio routing headset by following these steps:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to General > Accessibility.
  • Select Call Audio Routing.
  • Choose the device where you want to hear your call audio.

call audio routing

By following these steps, you can easily switch to the device you prefer to hear your call audio and ensure you're not experiencing any issues with call volume on your iPhone.

Tip 6. Disable Hearing Aid Mode on iPhone

iPhone allows you to connect different hearing aid devices to your phone. If you've paired one of these devices, try turning off the Hearing Aid Mode feature to see if it resolves the low volume issue.

You can always reactivate this feature at a later time by following these steps:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone and tap General > Accessibility.
  • Choose Hearing Devices.
  • Toggle off the Hearing Aid Compatibility option.
  • Make a phone call from your iPhone and check if the audio volume has improved.

hearing aid compatibility

By turning off the Hearing Aid Mode, you can check if it's the culprit behind the low volume issue and adjust it accordingly.

Tip 7: Turn Off Phone Noise Cancellation

You can turn off Phone Noise Cancellation to fix your iPhone's low call volume problem. Check the simple steps below:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Go to the General and tap on the Accessibility option.
  • Under the Hearing section, tap on Audio/Visual. (For iOS 12 or earlier, skip this step.)
  • Finally, turn off the switch next to Phone Noise Cancellation.

turn off phone noise cancellation

Then, you will find that the iPhone's call volume has increased. However, this feature is very helpful for improving the sound quality of the call. If the current call volume already meets your requirements, then it is recommended not to turn off the noise reduction function.

In addition, if you are away from home and in a noisy environment, taking a call through the headset is recommended in case you want to increase the volume of iPhone calls and keep the noise reduction effect.

If the iPhone call volume is still very low after turning off the Phone Noise Cancellation feature, then read on to check other errors on the iPhone.

Tip 8: Restart Your iPhone

Restarting the device will somehow solve most issues that occurred after the iOS 17/16 update, including low iPhone call volume. However, we cannot guarantee that it is 100% feasible. You can move to the next solution if it is not working as expected.

For old iPhone models:

  • Press and hold the side or top button until the power-off slider appears.
  • Drag the slider from left to right to let the phone go off.
  • Wait a few seconds and turn on the device again by pressing the same button.

For newer iPhone models:

  • Hold either the volume button and the side button simultaneously, and the slider will appear.
  • Drag the slider to turn off your iPhone.
  • Then press and hold the side button to turn it on after a few seconds.

force restart iphone x

Tip 9: Check If iPhone Stuck on Headphone Mode

If there is no sound when you are listening to music, watching a movie, or making a phone call, don’t panic; you can check whether the iPhone enters the headphone mode.

In some cases, the shrapnel in the headphone jack may get stuck or be oxidized, which may cause the phone not to exit the headphone mode.

You can press the volume button to see if the icon displayed on the screen is a headset instead of a ringtone, then clean the headphone jack or replace the tail cable.

iphone stuck on headphone mode

Tip 10: Clean Your iPhone Speaker Slot

The iPhone call volume will soon get very low if excessive dust accumulates on the speaker slot. So you can regularly clean up your iPhone speaker holes to increase the call volume. You can try to wipe the iPhone using a soft kids' toothbrush without causing damage to the device.

Tip 11: Try Using Speaker Mode

Using Speaker Mode is another way to increase the iPhone call volume. Turning on Speaker mode will greatly increase the sound when you give or receive a call. If you still cannot hear the voice clearly, the iPhone could have a hardware issue.

use speaker mode

Tip 12: Disable Bluetooth on Settings

After enabling Bluetooth on your iPhone, the device may be paired with other devices to share music or make calls. Your iPhone call volume may be low when Bluetooth is turned on. So make sure Bluetooth is turned off from iPhone Settings before making a call.

  • Go to iPhone Settings and scroll down to click Bluetooth.
  • Tap on the switch to ensure that Bluetooth is off.

turn off bluetooth

Tip 13: Uninstall 3d-Party App

Some third-party apps related to call blocking will affect the iPhone's performance. This is also one of the reasons why the low iPhone call volume problem occurs. Filter all the installed apps on your iPhone and uninstall related apps.

Tip 14: Reset All Settings

Errors may occur when the operation time of your iPhone is long. If your iPhone call volume low issue occurs due to minor software errors, you can try restarting your iPhone.

If restarting does not resolve the call volume low issue, you can try to reset all settings on your iPhone. This option will only reset the iOS settings to default; it won’t delete data like contacts, messages, photos, music, or apps on your device.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to General > Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • Scroll down to find Reset and tap on it. Then select the Reset All Settings option and enter your passcode to confirm the action.
  • Your iPhone will reboot, and you can enjoy a better sound quality on call.

reset all settings

Fix iPhone Call Volume Low with iOS Repair Tool

Have you recently upgraded your iPhone/iPad to iOS 17? If you have done that, it may be why your device call volume is getting low. In that case, FoneGeek iOS System Recovery is a good assistant to fix this problem, as it is developed to fix all iOS system issues without affecting the data on your device. It is 100% trustworthy since it has been highly recommended in many media review sites, such as Mobile Mall, GetDroidTips, Inspirationfeed, Techjury, Pakainfo, etc.

Why FoneGeek iOS System Recovery is most iPhone users's choice? Here are the reasons:

  • Fix All iOS Issues: It can easily fix all iOS issues, including iPhone low call volume, stuck on Apple logo, iPhone black screen of death, stuck on DFU or Recovery mode, boot loop, iPhone bricked, iTunes errors, etc.
  • High Efficiency: It offers two repair modes to ensure a higher success rate. The Standard Mode can help to fix the most common system issues, while the Advanced Mode aims to solve more serious problems.
  • No Data Loss: If you fix any iOS bugs by restoring the iOS system with iTunes, all the content and data will be reset. However, the Standard Mode of FoneGeek will never affect your data during the repairing process.
  • Easy to Use: This iOS repairing tool is super simple to use; you can fix iPhone call volume low and other software-related problems in only one click. No tech knowledge is required.
  • Full Compatibility: All iPhone models and iOS versions are supported, including the latest iPhone 15/14/13/and iOS 17/iPadOS 17. It is available to use on both Windows PCs and Mac computers.
  • Cheaper Price: When you check the purchase page, you’ll find that the price of FoneGeek is cheaper than other tools.


Here are the easy steps to fix the iPhone call volume low bug without data loss:

Step 1: Launch the FoneGeek iOS Repair tool on your Mac or Windows computer and choose "Standard Mode" on the home page.

choose repair mode

Step 2: Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer using a USB cable, click "Next," then wait for the program to detect your device.

connect ios device

Step 3: The program will show you the available firmware versions when the device is recognized. You can select the one compatible with your iPhone and click "Download".

download firmware

Step 4: After downloading, the software will verify the firmware and extract the software. You can then click on the “Fix Now” button to begin repairing.


The software will fix your iOS and bring your iPhone back to normal. Please leave your phone plugged into the computer throughout the repair process. Otherwise, it may get bricked. The process will not take long and is usually complete in a few minutes.

Here is the user's feedback about this recommended tool on Trustpilot.

trustpilot review

FAQs about iPhone Call Volume Low

Q1. Why is the volume very slow when I’m walking?

If you are home, you can go to the Window or outside to see if the volume is still low. If you are outside and the sound is slow or cutting out when you are walking, the signal of the place may be very poor.

Q2. My iPhone volume is very low when playing music, why?

You can go to iPhone Settings > Music and ensure that the slider of Volume Limit is dragged to the right to set the volume limit.

Q3. Does my iPhone have a Volume Limit?

That's correct. iPhone comes with a volume limit to prevent potential hearing damage. Since Apple devices operate at a maximum volume of 102 dB, setting the volume within 70% will allow you to hear sounds clearly without causing harm to your hearing.

If you want to adjust the volume limit on your iPhone, you can do so in the Settings & Haptics > Headphone Safety section. From there, you can customize your headphones' maximum volume level based on your personal preferences and hearing needs.


Now you have learned 15 simple tips to fix your iPhone low call volume in iOS 17/16. Which one is the best for you? Feel free to try and share your experience. If no one works for you, there is probably a hardware problem; you’d better contact Apple Support to repair your iPhone for free if it is still under warranty.

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