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Spooky Cipher Pokémon Go Explained. How to Complete the Tasks Easily?

Is Pokémon Go your favorite AR game? If it is, then you know about the Spooky Cipher Pokémon Go event. If you don't, you may want to check it out. It's full of exciting field research tasks. I must admit these tasks are quite challenging. You need persistence and patience to figure them out, but the rewards are worth it.

Read this guide to learn more regarding this Pokémon Go Spooky Cipher event. I'll tell you the various tasks it offers and how to find them, and share my own special tips and tricks you can use to complete the tasks easily. Let's jump in.

What is Spooky Cipher in Pokémon Go all about?

We get special events and challenges in Pokémon Go every time and again. The Spooky Cipher is one such special event. It's a limited-time event that was only introduced recently (2021) and it's usually available when the Go Tour: Hoenn event takes place. It offers various special field research tasks which may involve catching certain kinds of Pokémon or battling in raids using certain items. These tasks come hidden in ciphers and once you complete them, you may receive rewards like Poke Balls, berries, and even have an encounter with rare Pokémon.

What makes it special then? The Cipher Decoding Challenge is what stands out the most in this Spooky Cipher Pokémon Go event. It makes it more challenging because you need decoding skills as well as a good knowledge of Pokémon to figure out the tasks and unlock the rewards.

spooky cipher pokemon go

Pokémon Go Spooky Cipher Field Research Tasks

While participating in the Go Tour: Hoenn event when playing the Pokémon Go, you may spin a PokeStop and get a special field research task that has part of the letters blocked out. Such tasks are what are known as Spooky Cipher field research tasks.

The process of completing these tasks is not different from that of other field research tasks. They offer a challenge which you need to finish and from there, you're rewarded encounters with the Gen 3 ghost-type Pokémon.

But, what exactly do these Spooky Ciphers require you to do? That's the big question, so here are all the Spooky Ciphers plus the rewards they offer.

  • Catch Pokémon using 5 Berries. Reward – encounter with Duskull.
  • Perform 5 Excellent Throws one after another. Reward – encounter with Sableye.
  • Move 5 Pokémon. Reward – encounter with Shuppet.
  • Evolve the Nincada candy. Reward – encounter with Shedinja.

Ways of Finding Cipher Field Research Tasks

I know what Cipher field research tasks are. Now, how can I find them? You can find them in various places, but PokeStops are a good place to start. If you go to a PokeStop, you'll likely get a special field research task that comes from the Cipher Field event. You should look out for special symbols that are related to the event as that's where these tasks are usually hidden.

Interacting with other Pokémon players is another way you can find the Spooky Cipher research Pokémon Go tasks. You'll get players that are ready to share their own field research tasks with you hence allowing you to access new challenges that you can complete. I would also recommend you get into social media and online forums. You may learn what other players are doing and have an idea or two on how to go about your own research.

Tips and Tricks: Ways to Complete Pokémon Go Spooky Cipher Tasks

There are plenty of opportunities to catch rare Ghost-type Pokémon in the Spooky Cipher event. But, you need useful tips to get such rare Pokémon and we have some of them below.

  • The letters used in the ciphers are those found in the Pokémon alphabet.
  • When you complete the tasks, the rewards are encounters with Shuppet, Duskull, Sableye, and Shedinja.
  • You'll need sufficient Nincada candy as you'll have to evolve one. How can I get more Nincada candy? By catching or transferring Nincada, or evolving Nincada into Shedinja.
  • Sharpen your curveball throws throwing skills. Start your practice with the easy-to-catch Pokémon like Rattata and Pidgey. When you're able to consistently make great curveball throws, move to more challenging Pokémon like Rhyhorn and Skarmory.
  • Practice how to use berries to help you catch Pokémon. You can use any berry, but I would suggest the Golden Razz Berries as they are the most effective.

Bonus Tip: Complete Your Pokémon Go Tasks without Ever Moving

There are situations like bad weather conditions or physical limitations that can make playing Pokémon Go difficult. Sometimes it's even just a lack of time. These conditions don't need to stop you though. With the help of FoneGeek iOS Location Changer, you can complete tasks in Pokémon Go without moving at all.

You've probably heard of this GPS location changer. If you've not, then know that it fully works with Pokémon Go. It's a tool you can use to fake your location as you play Pokémon Go or to simulate GPS movement so that you appear like you're walking around when you're not. By doing so, you can perform all kinds of actions in Pokémon Go, even if you're seated comfortably at home. You can catch Pokémon, spin PokeStops, complete research tasks, hatch eggs, and so on.

Features of FoneGeek iOS Location Changer

  • Fake the location in Pokémon Go to where you want with one click.
  • It generates a realistic GPS movement simulation.
  • Gives you control over your route and speed in Pokémon Go.
  • Has a built-in Pokémon Go joystick you can use to freely move in 360 degrees.
  • Fake location in up to 10 devices at the same time.
  • Do both Android and iOS location spoofing. No jailbreaking of phone needed.
  • Has a built-in PokeStop Map to allow you play Pokémon Go more effectively.
  • Offers teleportation reminder and also includes a Cooling timer.


How can I use FoneGeek to play Pokémon Go and finish tasks without moving? Follow these steps:

  • You'll need FoneGeek iOS Location Changer in your computer first. Install the Mac or Windows version.
  • Get this software started after installation. Have your phone connected to the computer using Wi-Fi or USB. I suggest using USB if it's the first time connecting to the tool. The Wi-Fi will be available later on.
  • You should see 5 different modes for location transporting after the connection. Select Teleport mode to get your location in Pokémon Go changed right away to a certain spot.
  • Provide the address or the Pokémon coordinates of the destination. You can just select it directly from the map too. Hit Move now and the location in Pokémon will change to your new location in real time.

select a location on the map

FoneGeek iOS Location Changer offers three modes for GPS simulation; Jump Teleport, Two-Spot, and Multi-Spot. You can use them to create two or more spots where you can plan a route and then adjust the speed so that the fake location appears more realistic and it’s not detected. Use the Joystick for direction controlling.


You now have a good background of what the Spooky Cipher in Pokémon Go is. It's time you go to explore it and grab those rare Pokémon and rewards it offers. That shouldn't be tough because I've given you some useful tips you can utilize to complete the various tasks. You can make things even much easier by not having to move physically to complete the tasks. Just use FoneGeek iOS Location Changer as I've suggested. You won't get limited by any bad condition, whether it's bad weather or lack of time. You can go anywhere you want in Pokémon Go and catch Pokémon anywhere in the world, even the rare ones, while still in one location.

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