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How to Evolve Drakloak in Pokémon Sword and Shield

The Sword and Shield game has many new special Pokémon like Drakloak that are quite popular. Drakloak stands out mainly because it evolves into Dragapult, a powerful Pokémon many players often seek. To get to Dragapult, you first need to catch Drakloak, and that's not an easy task. Moreover, most players usually have no clue how the Drakloak evolution process works, even if they catch it.

Fortunately, we will tell you everything about Drakloak evolution in this post, including at what level the Drakloak evolves and how to evolve it. We will also show you how to catch Drakloak easily in Sword and Shield. It's a comprehensive guide on how Drakloak evolves, so keep reading.

Overview of Drakloak in Pokémon Go

What is Drakloak?

If you have played Sword and Shield, you may have come across some new special Pokémon that are quite popular. Well, Drakloak is one of them. It's the middle evolution level between Dreepy (its earlier form) and Dragapult (its final form) – Dragapult, in particular, is a powerful Pokémon that many players often try to catch and add to their team for competitive play. With its long and wide head that features a horn on either side, Drakloak almost resembles a lizard.

pokemon drakloak

The head is black and holds a Dreepy, while the body is light blue and has a long tail and short arms and legs. It's a beautiful Pokémon with striking colors, especially its bright yellow eyes, which complement the black head and light blue body well. The belly is yellow and features a red v-shaped pattern, while the head also has two red triangular shapes on each end - these extra decorations make Drakloak look even more beautiful.

Drakloak Abilities

Like other special Pokémon in Sword and Shield, Drakloak has various abilities, which include:

  • Clear Body – Prevents other Pokémon from lowering Drakloak stats upon entering battle.
  • Infiltrator – Allows Drakloak to infiltrate and move through opposing Pokémon's barriers so that it's able to strike.
  • Cursed Body – Helps give Drakloak more power by turning off other Pokémon's moves against it.

Drakloak Moves

Besides its special abilities, Drakloak can learn new moves as it strengthens. You can teach it many other moves using TMs and TRs. Some of the top moves it can use include:

  • Phantom Force
  • Dragon Dance
  • Brine
  • Dragon Rush
  • Steel Wing
  • Will-O-Wisp
  • Last Resort

Strengths and Weakness of Drakloak

"What strengths does Drakloak have?" You may ask. Well, for a start, Drakloak is a pretty strong Pokémon. It can withstand fire, water, grass, bug, poison, and electric types, making it a great option against opposing Pokémon. It's effective in battles against Pokémon such as Snorlax, Milotic, Gyarados, and Arcanine.

What about weaknesses? Does it have any of them? Yes, it does. Drakloak is particularly vulnerable to dragon, ghost, ice, fairy, and dark types, which means it's ineffective against Pokémon such as Goodra, Togekiss, and Tyranitar.

Shiny Vs. Normal Drakloak

The Shiny Drakloak is among the few special Pokémon in the Sword and Shield game. It has a unique color scheme makes it look incredible and quite different from the normal Drakloak Pokémon.

shiny drakloak

For instance, instead of the usual black head with red patterns, its head is royal blue, and the rectangular patterns on each end are bright yellow like its eyes. However, this Shiny Drakloak is rare; hence, finding it is tricky. You may have to encounter thousands of Drakloaks before you find one that's shiny.

How to Evolve Drakloak Pokémon in Sword and Shield

The Drakloak evolution process is simple once you know what's needed to make Drakloak evolve and the requisite steps to follow. Here are all the details.

Drakloak Evolution Chart

Before you can evolve Drakloak, you must understand its evolution line. The basic Pokémon that Drakloak evolves from is Dreepy, while the final one it evolves to is called Dragapult. That makes Drakloak the middle evolution between Dreepy and Dragapult. As mentioned earlier, Dragapult is a powerful Pokémon originating from the Galar region. That's why many players often add Dragapult to their competitive teams.

drakloak evolution chart

The two abilities that Drakloak offers are Clear Body and Infiltrator. It also has a hidden ability known as Cursed Body. Moreover, it's an Amorphous/Dragon kind of Pokémon, so you have extra options for its breeding.

Finding and catching a Shiny Drakloak is tricky, given it's extremely rare. Players often have to face off thousands of Drakloaks before they get a shiny one. Fortunately, when you have a Shiny Drakloak, the Dragapult you'll get once you evolve will also be shiny.

What Level Does Drakloak Evolve?

You can get to Drakloak's evolution level in many ways. For instance, you can allow your Dreepy to level up and evolve once it reaches level 50. However, if you follow this method, you'll need to do a lot of grinding because it takes experience to get to such a high level.

Alternatively, you can look for Drakloak in the wild. If you catch one, the process will be more straightforward because you'll need only 10 more levels to evolve the Drakloak. In other words, Drakloak evolves into Dragapult when it reaches level 60.

How to Evolve Drakloak from Dreepy?

Drakloak's evolution from Dreepy doesn't require an evolution stone. You only need to get your Dreepy to reach level 50, which will automatically transform into Drakloak. But it's not easy to achieve such a high level. You'll need to put in a lot of effort to gain the necessary experience to help you get there. Or you can decide to catch the Drakloak Pokémon in the wild.

How to Evolve Drakloak to Dragapult?

Currently, Dragapult is not available in Pokémon Go. The game's Pokedex is updated regularly to feature every well-known Pokémon. That means Dragapult, Drakloak, and Dreepy may soon get introduced in the game. Once available, you'll need 100 candies to get Drakloak evolve to Dragapult. You may also be able to catch Dragapult in the wild.

Bonus Tip: Easy Way to Catch Dreepy/Drakloak in Pokémon

Catching Dreepy and Drakloak in Pokémon can be tricky because you have to walk around to find them, which takes so much effort and time. However, there's a way you can avoid all this trouble. If you spoof your walking or change your location, you'll be able to find and catch Dreepy and Drakloak quite easily. You can achieve this using the ClipDown Location Changer, which can spoof your GPS location without others noticing.

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Here is how to spoof your location and catch Dreepy and Drakloak in Pokémon:

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change location mode

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select a location on the map

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Our guide above has shown various steps to evolve Drakloak Pokémon in the Sword and Shield game. Dreepy, Drakloak, and Dragapult will soon be available in Pokémon Go. Once they are introduced, you'll need a reliable tool like ClipDown Location Changer to spoof your GPS location to capture Drakloak easily. With this tool, you won't need to walk around a lot or go through much trouble to collect Drakloak. You'll catch it while sitting at home, so try it out.

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