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6 Tips to Fix YouTube Playback Error Easily [2021 Update]

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“When I’m logged into YouTube on Chrome (PC) and try to watch videos, I get error message that says ‘An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: xxxxxxxx).’ The ID changes very time I refresh the page. I have no clue what is wrong with this. Can anyone help me fix it? Thanks!”

youtube playback error

YouTube now is the most popular video streaming site across the globe. However, the YouTube video playback is not without its troubles. You may experience playback errors when try to enjoy your favorite videos on YouTube but keep getting this annoying message: “An error occurred. Please try again later.” You try to refresh the page but nothing changes.

How to fix YouTube playback error? Don’t worry. In this post, we’ll show you helpful tips and methods to fix the playback error on YouTube even if you don’t have prior tech skills. Let’s get started.

Part 1. Common Causes for YouTube Playback Error

Before we get into the solutions, you must be wondering why YouTube playback error occurs. Actually, this is a common error that comes with YouTube and many YouTube users have encountered YouTube videos not playing issues. There are a variety of reasons behind this error. Find some reasons below:

  • Internet Connection Problem - YouTube playback error can occur if you don’t have a fast, stable Internet connection. A slow or unstable connection will make it difficult to load YouTube contents and stream videos.

  • Low Storage Space Problem - YouTube stores cache data on your device to stream videos. When your device’s storage space is very low, YouTube will have problems to store the cache files and fail to load the video.

  • Browser Problem - Playback error on YouTube sometimes happens when you use a browser with extensions or plugins that are not compatible with YouTube streaming service to watch a video.

Part 2. 6 Simple Tips to Fix YouTube Playback Error

Now that we've outlined some significant causes of YouTube playback error whenever you attempt to watch YouTube videos, it's time we jump right into solutions that can fix the error.

Tip 1. Check or Change the Internet Connection

When you encounter a YouTube playback error, remember the problem can be a result of poor network connection as stated above. Therefore, the first step in addressing a playback error on YouTube is to check or change your Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection. Also, the error can be cleared when you restart your router before reconnecting to the Wi-Fi again.

Tip 2. Clear the Cache, Cookies, History in Browser

Another step you should explore whenever you experience a YouTube playback error is to ensure your device has enough memory to store cache from YouTube. So go to your browser and clear all the cache files, cookies, history and temporary Internet files. Additionally, you can use a reliable cache cleaner to remove all the cache files.

Tip 3. Sign Out Your Google Account from YouTube

Sometimes when you've signed in to YouTube with your Google account, you can encounter a YouTube playback error. In this case, the solution is very simple - sign out of your Google account and try watching videos on YouTube again.

Tip 4. Adjust the Video Quality on YouTube

One solution that works when dealing with a YouTube video not playing error is adjusting the video quality on your YouTube app. You can do this by tapping on the Gear icon and then adjust to the default video quality.

Tip 5. Disable Hardware Acceleration

The hardware acceleration in flash player is one possible reason for YouTube playback error. Disabling it, therefore, can fix the issue. Follow the steps below to disable hardware accelerator:

  1. Visit the video page and play it.

  2. Right-click the video and click on "Setting".

  3. Locate the "Enable Hardware Acceleration" and uncheck it.

Tip 6. Uninstall YouTube and Reinstall It

Like with most apps, you'll find that simply uninstalling the YouTube app on your device can help to solve many problems, including YouTube video not playing. So don’t hesitate to try uninstalling your YouTube App first, then reinstall it afterwards. After that, try playing a YouTube video to see if the issue has been resolved.

Bonus Tip. Download YouTube Videos for Offline Playback

If you've tried above solutions yet unable to fix the YouTube playback error, then we suggest you to download YouTube videos to your computer for offline playback. FoneGeek Video Downloader allows you to download videos from YouTube fast and with high-quality output. Whether you want to download a single video or multiple YouTube videos at the same time, FoneGeek Video Downloader is your best bet.


Here’s how to download YouTube videos for offline playback:

Step 1: Download, install and run FoneGeek YouTube Video Downloader on your computer.

video downloader

Step 2: Go to YouTube on any browser, find and copy the YouTube video's URL you want to download.

copy video url

Step 3: Go back to the video downloader and click “+ Paste URL” in the upper-left corner. A setting dialogue window will pop up, choose your preferred format and resolution, then click on “Download” to initiate the downloading process.

paste url

When the download is complete, you can click the folder icon to see the vide you just downloaded.

download online video


Hope the above simple tips successfully helping you fix the YouTube playback error. Instead of taking measures to fix this annoying problem when streaming YouTube videos online, it is a good idea to download YouTube videos for offline enjoyment. Then you don’t need to worry about the internet connection any more. Just get FoneGeek Video Download and try it for free.

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