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Spotify Web Player Not Working? Here are 9 Fixes

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“I’ve used Spotify Web Player for years at work, as downloads are locked on our office network. Since last week the Web Player is working correctly in every way except it won’t play anything! When I hit a Play button nothing happens. Any ideas?”

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming websites in the world, allowing users to access music directly through web browser without downloading the app. Spotify Web Player not working is the most common problem users may encounter. Several factors can cause this issue. If your Spotify Web Player is not playing or loading, it becomes near impossible to listen to your favorite music or Spotify playlist.

spotify web player not working

In this post, we'll show you some simple methods you can use to fix Spotify Web Player not working issue through web browsers like Chrome, FireFox, Opera, etc.

Fix 1. Enable and Use Spotify Web Player

Spotify Web Payer is a web-based service that has similar features like the Spotify app. That means you can use it on Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge and other browsers (except Safari for Mac) to perform searches for artists, tracks, albums, etc.

Unfortunately, you'll have to enable Spotify Web Player services on your browser as it is not enabled by default. So if Spotify Web Player is not playing or loading, follow the steps below to enable it first (Google Chrome is used as an example here):

  1. Launch Chrome browser and go to Spotify Web Player page. It will show you the following notification: "Playback of protected content is not enabled".

  2. Copy and paste this link "chrome://settings/content" to the address bar of a new tab and then press "Enter."

  3. Look for the menu "Protected content" (scroll down to find it). Then locate and click on the small downward arrow icon. Next, enable the option "Allow site to play protected content".

  4. Finally, refresh the Spotify Web Player page. If 'you're a first time user, enter your login details to enable Spotify Web Player.

enable spotify web player

Follow the steps above if you want to enable the services on Firefox, Edge, and other browsers. The processes are similar.

Fix 2. Check Your Internet Connection

Sometimes the cause of your Spotify Web Player not working might be the result of poor internet connection. You can tell if the internet connection is weak when you are unable to load other websites or perform other internet-based activity.

If that is the case, you should try restarting your WiFi router and try using it some minutes later. Also, ensure you're not using proxy settings. If the problem persists, contact your Internet service provider (ISP) to log a complaint.

Fix 3. Use Link Instead of Short Cut on Browser

When you use short cuts, it creates a cache on your web browser and can result in your Spotify Web Player not working/loading/playing or other related issues.

So what can you do? Avoid using Shortcuts but ensure you always use the link instead. Using the link will cause your web browser to load the page afresh and not the cached version. If this solution does not solve your Spotify Web Player not working problem, try the methods below.

Fix 4. Turn Off Ad Blockers or Whitelist Spotify

Ad blockers can stop your Spotify Web Player from working even if you're Spotify Premium user. What this means is that if you use an Ad-blocker and your Spotify Web Player is not working on your Firefox or Chrome browsers, you should turn it off via your browser menu or the Ad-blocker's toolbar icon. Alternatively, you can Whitelist the Spotify Web Player domain in the ad-blocking tool.

Fix 5. Check Firewall and Antivirus Settings

If you observe that Spotify is the only website that is unable to connect to the internet, then your Firewall settings or Anti-virus might be the cause of your Spotify Web Player not working issue. We recommend you disable your Firewall settings and Anti-virus on your computer then try again to see if the problem has been resolved.

Fix 6. Clear Browser Cookies and Cache Files

Cookies and cache files are stored on your computer to help it run faster by using past information like logins and so on. However, sometimes they can become the cause of why your Spotify Web Player is not playing or working when they "misremember" stored information. Therefore we suggest you clear your browser cookies and cache files first before trying out other extensive solutions.

Fix 7. Update Your Web Browser

Using an outdated version of your browser can stop Spotify Web Player from working properly. To remedy this situation, we advise you uninstall your browser then download and install the latest version from the official website of the browser you're using.

Fix 8. Switch to a Different Browser

If all the methods mentioned above fails, then try switching to a different browser. This means if your Spotify Web Player is not working on Chrome, you should try any of Edge or Firefox browsers.

Fix 9. Fix Spotify Web Player via Device List

Fixing Spotify Web Player not working issues can be done via the Device list. This is particularly the case when your Spotify account is connected to many devices at the same time, thus "confusing" the player.

To fix your Spotify Web Player not playing via the Device list, locate the "Device list" on the left side of the volume control button and click on it, then, click on "Web Player".


Spotify Web Player not working can cause unexpected hassle and cause you to despair. If 'you're dealing with Spotify Web Player not loading/playing issues, then any of the above methods can help fix it right away.

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